Table Basics and the TableType Property

In this post I will tell something about tables, especially about the basics and a new property that has been introduced in NAV 2016, the Tabletype property.

The basics:

– Every table has properties and triggers
– Every table field also has properties and triggers
– Every table has keys and field groups
– Keys also have properties

So let’s check the properties of a table. To do that, go to the object designer and edit a table by clicking the Design button. After clicking the Table Designer open. Now press Shift + F4 to see the properties of a field. In order to view the table properties go to an empty line and press Shift + F4. You will now see a list of table properties. For example:

Enable: enable or disable the field
Editable: configure the field to be editable
NotBlank: forces the user to specify an entry in this field

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 you can define two types of external tables: Microsoft Dynamics CRM tables and SQL Server tables. You create an external table by specifying the type of in the TableType property. On MSDN you can find more information about this functionality ‘TableType Property

There are four table triggers:

– OnInsert
– OnDelete
– OnRename
– OnModify

There are two field triggers
– OnValidate
– OnLookup

A Primary Key is used to make each record unique in a table. Of course a table can have more keys. The first key is automatically the primary key. A key can consist of 1 or more fields. The second, third etc. are secondary keys.


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