Object Metadata Table (C/AL translated into C#)

Before you can run or execute a Microsoft Dynamics NAV object (Codeunit for example), you must compile the object. By Compiling the object your C/AL code will be transformed into C# Code. NAV only runs compiled C/AL code which is transformed into C# Code. This code is stored in table ‘2000000071 – Object Metadata’

To compile an object, do the following:

  • Start the Development Environment.
  • Open your NAV database. Select an object.
  • In the Object Designer, Go to Tools and then choose Compile.

After your object has been successfully compiled the field [User Code] in the Object Metadata contains the C# Code.

Note: if you create an object without any C/AL code then the [User AL Code] field will be empty. The [User Code] field will also be empty, even after Compiling.


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