Show OData webservice response directly in IE

As a Technical consultant I need to regularly install new NAV software for our customers. After installing I always try to check if web services are also working. In NAV 2017 I check at least three things:

1. Call the SOAP URL


First link contains the hostname. Second link contains the FQDN. Always test with both to ensure it’s working flawless!

2. Call the ODataV3 URL


3. Call the ODataV4 URL


Please note: the links of course only work in my Lab environment!

The SOAP URL shows the WSDL so that’s okay:


Now the ODataV3 URL shows the following response:


This isn’t the response I want to see, however… If I show the source of the page (F5) I see the OData output! So this works also! Normally this is a good thing: Internet Explorer is processing the output as an RSS feed. In this case I don’t want that, so the first thing we should do is to disable this:

Go to Internet options > Content > Settings and disable ‘Turn on feed reading view’. Close the browser and retry.

Now we see the OData response immediately! It took me some time to figure this out so I hope I can save you some time with this handy info! To test the ODataV4 URL there is also a problem with the browser. I will investigate this and share my findings soon!


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