How to setup a Dynamics NAV Cluster

How to setup a Dynamics NAV Cluster

Windows Server 2012 R2 includes a builtin Network Load Balancer feature. The load balancer inspects the destination address of an incoming packet and forward its to a clusternode.



Multihomed Network Routing

Open cmd

Get int index Route print

Route-p add ip mask 255. Metric 1 if 12

Install NLB


Create an NLB Cluster

Add second node


Are you sure your service is the only one listening to port 13000?

Run netstat -noa | find “13000” before starting your program to identify which process has port 13000 open. The number in the far right-hand column will be the process ID.

Then run tasklist | find “<pid>” where is the ID of the process from the previous command. This will tell you which process has 13000 open.